Artist of the Month: Eric Pfeiffer!

Please welcome to the stage...artist Eric Pfeiffer!

Eric is an illustrator and concept artist working in the entertainment, advertising and comic book industry.  Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, Eric also provides illustration work for books and various magazine publications. Some of Eric's previous clients include: Armed Mind, ESPN, Popular Mechanics, Fortune, Outdoor Life, The New Republic, Boom! Studios, Black Mask Studios, Sports Illustrated, The Martin Agency,, The Red Cross and more.  And... while that's all well and good, we were particularly jazzed to work with Eric after seeing his work (with writer Curt Pires) on the fantastic new book THE FOREVERS published by Black Mask Studios!

For those of you unfamiliar, here's a bit more insight into the world of THE FOREVERS:
"Five friends struggling on the brink of stardom sacrifice everything in a black magic pact that brings them all the wealth and glamour they ever wanted. But now, years later, the glow is fading. Suddenly, they are being hunted. One of them has decided to kill the rest and harness the remaining power."


After reading an advance preview of issue 1, we knew that, at the very least, we needed to include THE FOREVERS in an upcoming Blindbox.  Luckily, it doesn't end there, as Eric was kind enough to work with us on our latest installment in the Blindbox Embossed Artist Series!  This month we are featuring three exclusive variant covers for The Forevers #1:

Full Color (edition of 200 copies)


Partial Sketch Blank (edition of 75 copies)


Embossed OA Covers (edition of 25 signed/sketched/hand-numbered copies)

All of this month's boxes have shipped, and should be in your hands shortly (if you haven't received them already)!  So...what did you think of this month's selections?  And...who was lucky enough to score an original art cover by Eric...?!?  Let us know how you made out!  Even better - send us some pics of what you received and we'll be happy to post 'em on our Facebook page!

Thanks for helping us wrap the first year of Blindox Comics with a bang!  We can't wait for you to see what we've got planned for year two...!

October 24, 2016 by Andrew Better Shipping

Artist of the Month - Matt Battaglia!

This month we are extremely excited to present the work of artist Matt Battaglia!  

Matt is the artist and co-creator of INDOCTRINATION (Z2 Comics), which is written by co-creator Mike Moreci.  For those that may not have heard of Indoctrination yet, here's a bit more info on this fantastic new title:

"Across the dusty plains of America’s southwest, a deadly storm is brewing. A string of murders portend the sinister designs of an infamous terrorist to bring about the end times. Two FBI agents have heeded the signs, and only their rogue actions—aided by a potentially untrustworthy expatriate with deep ties to the terrorist—can push this darkness back.

At its core, INDOCTRINATION is an exploration of the power of ideas, and how ideology can drive mankind to act in horrifying ways."

After reading an advance preview of issue 1, we knew that, at the very least, we needed to include INDOCTRINATION in an upcoming Blindbox.  So...imagine our excitement when Matt graciously agreed to help us out with the second installment in our Blindbox Embossed Artist Series!  This month we are featuring three exclusive variant covers for Indoctrination #1:

Full Color (edition of 150 copies)


Partial Sketch Blank (edition of 75 copies)


Embossed OA Covers (edition of 23 signed/numbered copies)

We could not be more excited to work with Matt (and Michael!) on our third entry in the Embossed Artist Series - and for fans of crime noir in the vein of True Detective, this book is simply not to be missed!  

Indoctrination will be included in our next box, set to ship early next month, and we look forward to hearing from the lucky recipients of the Embossed OA covers!  Let us know who you are, and what you got in your box!

About Matt Battaglia:

Matt's previous comic work includes colors on Dead Letters (BOOM! Studios) & Roche Limit (Image), which was also his first collaboration with writer Michael Moreci.

Matt lives in Hoboken, NJ with his mopey dog Misty (who just so happens to be a big fan of Clint Eastwood flicks).
August 05, 2016 by Court Gebeau

Artist(s) of the Month - Van Jensen and Pete Woods!

This month we would like to draw special attention to one of our featured titles:  The new Dark Horse sci-fi series CRYPTOCRACY!  If you haven't heard of this one yet, here's a bit more info for you:

"For time beyond memory, the Nine Families watched from the shadows, believing themselves shepherds and manipulating whole societies as they saw fit. Nothing happened that they didnt observe or control. Outsiders knew naught of the Families, much less threatened them. Until now. A blend of The X-Files and Marvels A.I.M., brought to you by writer Van Jensen (Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of ManGreen Lantern Corps and The Flash) and artist Pete Woods (Deadpool, Catwoman, Superman, Action Comics)."

Both Van and Pete were kind enough to volunteer their time, and their artistic prowess, to contribute several original sketches for random distribution to our Blindbox Plus subscribers!  So...keep an eye out for this month's box which has just gone out in today's mail - you just might receive a little something extra from the creators of the next hit title from Dark Horse!



July 12, 2016 by Court Gebeau

Artist(s) of the Month - Matt and Sharlene Kindt!

This month we are extremely pleased to offer exclusive variants for what is sure to be the next big Dark Horse hit - Dept. H by Matt and Sharlene Kindt!  Issue 1 hits stores tomorrow, and so it seems the perfect time to reveal what we have been working on with them.  Pictures speak louder than words, so here is (mostly) all you need to know...

Dept. H #1 - Blindbox Exclusive (Color) - edition of 800

Dept. H #1 - Blindbox Exclusive (B/W Partial Sketch Blank) - edition of 150

and then, there's this option...







Super-Duper Sketched/Signed/Painted/Signed Again/Embossed/Hand-Numbered Mega-Uber-Deluxe Variant - edition of 50

 Any questions...?!?


April 19, 2016 by Court Gebeau

Artist of the Month - Martin Szymanski!

Our inaugural Artist of the Month, Martin is the co-creator of the exciting new book IMPOSTER from 21Pulp!  Working with writer and co-creator James Patrick, Imposter is an exciting and original new look at the superhero trope with a bit of a crime noir spin to it, and the art matches the tone of the story perfectly.  Check out some of Martin's samples below and we're sure you'll agree:  Martin is one of the most exciting new talents in the industry!
In fact - Imposter was so refreshing that we had to include it in this month's Blindbox!  Interested in winning a piece of original art from Martin?'re in luck!  Martin has graciously contributed an original page from the first issue of Imposter and also a few original pinups, and we will be giving them away to a few lucky customers!  Be sure to read the Info Sheet that accompanies this month's box to learn more!  
To see more of Martin's art, please check out the following:
You can also follow Martin on Twitter and Instagram (@TheBigSzymanski).
Thanks for looking!
March 15, 2016 by Court Gebeau