Artist of the Month - Martin Szymanski!

Our inaugural Artist of the Month, Martin is the co-creator of the exciting new book IMPOSTER from 21Pulp!  Working with writer and co-creator James Patrick, Imposter is an exciting and original new look at the superhero trope with a bit of a crime noir spin to it, and the art matches the tone of the story perfectly.  Check out some of Martin's samples below and we're sure you'll agree:  Martin is one of the most exciting new talents in the industry!
In fact - Imposter was so refreshing that we had to include it in this month's Blindbox!  Interested in winning a piece of original art from Martin?'re in luck!  Martin has graciously contributed an original page from the first issue of Imposter and also a few original pinups, and we will be giving them away to a few lucky customers!  Be sure to read the Info Sheet that accompanies this month's box to learn more!  
To see more of Martin's art, please check out the following:
You can also follow Martin on Twitter and Instagram (@TheBigSzymanski).
Thanks for looking!
March 15, 2016 by Court Gebeau
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