Blindvariant Update - News So Big We Are Posting It Twice...!

Last month, the bar for Blindvariant was set so high with the original Star Wars sketch covers by Jason Adams, that we weren't sure what to do next...!  Well, we figured it out (and then some!).  Want to know what to expect in next month's box...?  Read all about it HERE!

(And here's a teaser pic for those of you too lazy to click the link...)

April 19, 2016 by Court Gebeau

Blindbox Comics at C2E2 This Weekend (Booth 1416)!

Now just days away, we are excited to announce that we will be attending C2E2 in Chicago this weekend!  Even better:  We will have lots of special offers for con attendees, including discounted Blindvariants, daily original sketch cover art raffles, randomly inserted golden tickets, and much more!  

We will have a mega-Blindvariant for all SEVEN of our TMNT action figure covers that have been produced thus far, including the red Leonardo!  One out of every 100 TMNT Blindvariants will also include a Golden Ticket redeemable for a complete set of all 7 covers!  

Blindvariants for GI Joe and Devolution will also be available, as well as back stock for Blindbox Plus...and that's just the beginning!  We will also be offering a sneak preview of next month's Blindvariant, and we assure you - this one is special!  In fact - given the extremely unique and limited nature of this Blindvariant, we have less than 20 spots remaining for this release!  

If you are attending the show, please stop by for a visit.  We look forward to seeing you there!


March 15, 2016 by Court Gebeau

You maniacs! You blew it up!

We are very proud and excited to announce the Blindbox-exclusive variant covers for Devolution 1, by none other than superstar artist JAE LEE!  Inspired by the tone and some of the visuals of the book it adorns, we tasked Jae with creating a new cover for issue 1 that pays tribute to the most iconic scene from PLANET OF THE APES.  

We could not be happier with the end result, as Jae totally crushed it, and completely knocked this one out of the park.  There are three variants of this cover available:  


The color cover is limited to 800 copies, black and white only 150 copies, and virgin color the rarest of the bunch with an edition of only 50 copies!  All of our monthly subscribers will be receiving one of these covers at random in their next box.  All three covers are also now available for individual purchase in the store!

Thanks for looking - more surprises to come soon!


January 28, 2016 by Court Gebeau

What has Zach Howard been up to lately...?

Among other things, Zach has been signing some copies of our exclusive Snow Job variant cover for GI Joe 221!  We have a handful of signed copies of each of the three covers, and these will be randomly distributed to this month's Blindvariant and Blindbox Plus customers!  


This month's box is scheduled to ship early next week, so there is still time to get those orders in if you'd like a chance at one of Zach's signed covers!  Even better - we have other exciting incentives this month that will be announced later this week!

Happy New Year from Blindbox Comics!

January 05, 2016 by Court Gebeau

Now I Have A Machine Gun - HO HO HO!

Just in time for the holidays (sort of!), we are extremely excited to announce that our series of GI Joe "Trading Card" Covers is off and running!  Inspired by our love of vintage GI Joe toys and trading cards, these covers pay homage to the iconic GI Joe toy packaging art of the '80s, while also putting a new spin on the concept of a GI Joe trading card!  The front cover showcases a reinterpretation of the classic toy art by superstar artist Zach Howard, and the back features a new take on the character's top secret dossier information.

Series 1 will feature each character that was introduced in 1983.  First up:  Snow Job!


As pictured above, there are three versions of this cover:  Color (edition of 1000), Black and White (edition of 500), and Gold Logo (edition of 100).  Each cover is now available for individual purchase, or you can also try your luck and roll the dice with Blindvariant, where orders are randomly filled based on print run.  In this case, odds are as follows:  

Color - 5:8
B/W - 5:16
Gold - 1:16

All pre-orders will ship by January 10th, and this is hopefully only the first of many GI Joe Trading Card covers to come!

Thanks for your support, and Happy Holidays from Blindbox Comics!


December 23, 2015 by Court Gebeau

LATEST NEWS: Box 2 has shipped! And...announcing the Blindbox Comics Affiliate Program!

Hey gang,

Just in time for the holidays, Box 2 and all TMNT variant orders have officially shipped!  Look for them in coming days!

In addition, we are very excited to announce that we are launching a Blindbox Comics Affiliate Program!  We will be working with local comic shops to make Blindbox Plus and Blindvariants available in-store!  Please let us know if you have a favorite LCS where you would like to see Blindbox on the shelves in the near future!

Finally, here are a few unboxing videos for our very first Blindbox Plus!



December 15, 2015 by Court Gebeau

Wave 1 of the TMNT Action Figure Covers Now Available!

Just a quick note to mention that we are now pre-selling the first set of TMNT Action Figure Covers by Robert Atkins!  Books will ship by December 10th!



            Leonardo (Edition of 1000)        April O'Neil (Edition of 500)      Vintage Leonardo (Edition of 100)

December 01, 2015 by Court Gebeau

Blindbox Comics - Box 1 is in the mail!

Hi Everyone!

Well, our shipping supplies finally arrived this week after a protracted detour through the Customs inspection process.  We spent all day Thursday and Friday filling orders and packing boxes, and now all orders are in the mail!

Please let us know what you think when you receive your boxes.  We are anxious to hear your feedback, and would also love to receive links to any unboxing videos / online reviews / etc.  

In other news, books are starting to arrive for Box 2, and we plan to ship by December 10th at the latest.  We will begin pre-sales for the TMNT 52 Action Figure Blindvariants within the next week.  There are also a few unannounced surprises in store for Box 2 and future boxes, so please keep an eye on this page and follow us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram so that you can be among the first to know about all future release plans.  We are really looking forward to what we have in store for you in coming months!

Finally - we will also be rolling out a referral program soon, whereby you can earn free variants for referring your friends (and enemies!) to Blindbox Comics.  Word-of-mouth can be HUGE when it comes to promoting a new business, and we want to reward you for any help you can offer with building our customer base.  Hopefully you enjoy Blindbox enough to help us spread the word!

Once again - thank you so much for your support, we wish everyone a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Best - Court and Team Blindbox

November 21, 2015 by Court Gebeau

Shipping Updates On Our First Boxes!

Hi everyone! First of all, we wanted to thank you so much for your support!  Our Kickstarter campaign exceeded expectations, and we are thrilled to see so much excitement from our backers!

All the books are here and we are currently expecting our shipment of packaging supplies in the next week. As soon as shipping supplies arrive we will get everything packed up and shipped out to you in the next couple of weeks. 

I know several of you have been asking about the 2nd stretch goal that we barely missed and whether we are going to go ahead with it anyway. We gave this some serious consideration, but ultimately decided against it - simply because it would end up delaying our first boxes by at least a month. Shipping all the prints to be signed by Medhi in Morocco and have them shipped back would cause a major time delay - and we want to start shipping boxes as quickly as humanly possible.

Feel free to ask us any questions you might have and we will keep you updated on when the supplies come in and we start getting the surveys out to you.  Stay tuned - and thanks again for your support and enthusiasm!

October 29, 2015 by Court Gebeau

Home Stretch for the Kickstarter Campaign - Only Three Days Left!

Wow, only three days left now - amazing how time flies!  So, looks like this will be our last (?) Kickstarter update!  First, a few new sketch covers that just arrived from the artists today:

ENORMOUS! by Brian Hurtt
ENORMOUS! by Brian Hurtt
Dee by Brian Hurtt
Dee by Brian Hurtt
Wolverine by Simon Gane
Wolverine by Simon Gane

 There are still BlindSketch rewards available!  It's never too early to suggest great holiday gift ideas to family & friends!


Snow Job b/w variant (GI Joe Trading Card series)
Snow Job b/w variant (GI Joe Trading Card series)
Back Cover Design for GI Joe Trading Card Covers
Back Cover Design for GI Joe Trading Card Covers

 So...hopefully by now our excitement is contagious!  If so, we'd appreciate your help sharing this excitement with as many people as possible as we approach the finish line.  Thanks so much for your incredible support, and we look forward to sending these books your way very soon!

Best - Court & the Blindbox Team

October 22, 2015 by Court Gebeau