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Hi, and welcome to BLINDBOX COMICS!  With Blindbox Comics, it is our goal to appeal to the duality of the comic book fan - reader and collector - to deliver a product unlike anything else on the market.  Here's how it works:

First, we pore over the publisher solicitations months in advance and carefully select five of the most interesting, creative and exciting new releases.  In most cases, this will include first issues of promising new titles, but they could also feature the start of a new creative team, a key turning point / major event, or introduction of an important new character.  In all cases, these books will be great jumping-on points for new readers!  Each BLINDBOX consists of five core "must-read" titles!  With these five books, we hope to deliver to you the thrill of discovery, by introducing you to quality books that you might not otherwise pick up on your own.

Second, we will work with top artists and publishers to create multiple exclusive variant covers for one of our favorite books.  Print runs for each month's variants will be staggered (rare / rarer / rarest), so that certain covers are much more elusive than others.  Each variant will be blind-bagged, and each BLINDVARIANT contains one randomly inserted variant cover.  In this way, each customer has the same chance of receiving that month's rarest variant cover.  The thrill of the chase begins here!

We offer three core products:

BLINDBOX - contains five curated monthly releases

BLINDVARIANT - contains one of our exclusive variant covers (randomly filled)

BLINDBOX PLUS - includes five curated monthly releases AND one randomly inserted exclusive variant cover

Each product is offered as a monthly recurring subscription, and also in 3, 6, and 12 month intervals.

To add even more intrigue and increase the challenge for collectors, some of our exclusive variant covers will also be part of a much larger set, or series, of related releases.  This may be across the same title over multiple issues, or across multiple titles from the same publisher, etc. 

Our singular mission is to deliver a premium comic book experience that appeals equally to both dimensions of the typical comic book fan.  Above all, as our customers, we want you to have more fun as collectors, while also expanding your horizons as readers by exposing you to fantastic new books worthy of the spotlight.

Thanks for visiting the site, and we hope you enjoy the BLINDBOX experience!


August 20, 2015 by Court Gebeau
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