Now I Have A Machine Gun - HO HO HO!

Just in time for the holidays (sort of!), we are extremely excited to announce that our series of GI Joe "Trading Card" Covers is off and running!  Inspired by our love of vintage GI Joe toys and trading cards, these covers pay homage to the iconic GI Joe toy packaging art of the '80s, while also putting a new spin on the concept of a GI Joe trading card!  The front cover showcases a reinterpretation of the classic toy art by superstar artist Zach Howard, and the back features a new take on the character's top secret dossier information.

Series 1 will feature each character that was introduced in 1983.  First up:  Snow Job!


As pictured above, there are three versions of this cover:  Color (edition of 1000), Black and White (edition of 500), and Gold Logo (edition of 100).  Each cover is now available for individual purchase, or you can also try your luck and roll the dice with Blindvariant, where orders are randomly filled based on print run.  In this case, odds are as follows:  

Color - 5:8
B/W - 5:16
Gold - 1:16

All pre-orders will ship by January 10th, and this is hopefully only the first of many GI Joe Trading Card covers to come!

Thanks for your support, and Happy Holidays from Blindbox Comics!


December 23, 2015 by Court Gebeau
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