As a lifelong fan and reader of comics, it's always been frustrating to try to keep track of all of the upcoming new releases each month and decide which ones might be worth checking out. In order to do this properly, you either need to commit to regular weekly trips to the comic book store, or spend hours poring over the PREVIEWS catalog to order books three months in advance!  In addition, a select few publishers tend to monopolize shelf space in most comic book stores, making it even more difficult to find that "diamond in the rough" - the really great books from smaller publishers that are worthy of more attention.  This is where Blindbox Comics comes in!

We pore through dozens of advance previews each and every month to curate some of the best, most exciting and unique books the industry has to offer.  We are also partnering directly with creators and publishers to offer something unique and special to our customers - whether it be exclusive covers, or signed books and original artwork, etc.  We want to create a more direct dialogue between creator and consumer, and we want to help readers to discover great titles that might otherwise fly under the radar.

With BLINDBOX COMICS, we decided to create the product we would want for ourselves as both readers and as collectors.  With BLINDBOX, it is our goal to deliver to you both the thrill of discovery, and the thrill of the chase.  Each and every box is sure to be packed full of surprises!

We are extremely excited about everything we have planned for BLINDBOX in the coming months.  We look forward to an opportunity to deliver this excitement to you each and every month, and we thank you for your support!

--Court Gebeau and the rest of the Blindbox team