"We're living in a new golden age of comics. With more great comics than ever, Blindbox is a great way to discover the best of the best."
– Matt Kindt

  (writer/artist on Mind MGMT, writer of Divinity, Rai, PastAways)


"Anything that brings new readers into indie comics is a huge plus for our industry, and having great people like Court and the gang at Blindbox guarantees high quality and great comics."
– Joshua Hale Fialkov
   (writer of The Life After, The Bunker, The Ultimates, and Alpha, among others)  


"As a creator, you're always fighting to find ways to expand your readership and get your work into new hands. It's so vital for anyone's career. Blindbox is so great because not only does it do this, but it does so in a way that's fun and fresh--it feels truly exciting and unique, and I think the fundamental idea is really easy to respond to."
– Michael Moreci
   (writer/co-creator of Hoax Hunters, Roche Limit, Burning Fields, ReincarNATE, Transference)


"It's like the Cracker Jack of comics....except there nothing stale about the popcorn, and the surprises are a lot better! This is a perfect combination for both casual readers and hardcore collectors."
– Tyler Jenkins
   (artist of Peter Panzerfaust, Snowblind, Neverboy)


"Blindbox helps independent creators, such as me, directly reach readers and collectors. Growing readership is a monthly challenge and Blindbox is a unique avenue that allows a title such as Enormous to supplement its growth while providing something extraordinary, via the exceptional talent of the cover artists, to our readers. I strongly urge readers, collectors and creators alike to explore the service. We all crave the chance to discover something special, Blindbox delivers."
– Tim Daniel
   (writer of Enormous and The Burning Fields)


"Blindbox makes discovering new comics and hopping onto existing series more fun than ever before! Now, undiscovered gems and new stars arrive at your door monthly!"
– Joe Infurnari
   (co-creator/artist on The Bunker)