What is a BLINDBOX?

Blindbox is a monthly comic book subscription box that includes five regular monthly releases and one exclusive variant cover.

 Does each box include the same books?

In most cases, there will be multiple variant covers available each month. The variant covers will range in scarcity (some will be rarer than others), and the variants are randomly inserted into each box. The five regular monthly issues will remain constant in each box (though in some cases, we may select 6 monthly titles, of which each customer will receive 5 of the 6).

 What is a "chase variant"?

The term “chase” comes from the fact that this variant is produced in smaller quantities than the other variants being distributed, and so collectors might choose to "chase" this variant by opening multiple packages in hopes of obtaining the rarest variant. The chase variant could be a variation of the regular box variant (a modified version of the same cover artwork), or it could be an entirely different cover for the same book.

What else could be in the box?

We will also distribute all of the premium incentives that we receive from Diamond, so you could also get a retailer incentive variant (1:25, 1:100, etc) in your box in place of one of the regular monthly issues. You could also receive autographed books, bonus books, an original sketch cover by a featured artist, a redemption award for a CGC Signature Series book, a "golden ticket" for original artwork or other special award packages, or any number of other exciting bonuses.   The possibilities are endless, and we have lots of cool ideas planned for future variants, incentives, and rewards. This is just the beginning. The larger our subscriber base gets, the more creative we can get with the variant program!

What is the print run on the variant, and the chase variant?

Print runs will vary from month to month and book to book. HOWEVER: We will ALWAYS disclose print runs for ALL of our monthly exclusive variants. We understand that part of the excitement is the thrill of the chase, and the possibility of getting something rare, collectible, and potentially valuable in your box. To that end, all books will be strictly limited, and all print runs will be completely transparent.

How are the books selected?

We meticulously comb through solicits three months in advance to hand select a diverse variety of the month's most intriguing new releases. This could include new titles, new creator teams, a change in direction for a popular character / title, a key event issue, or anything else that sounds cool / intriguing and worthy of checking out. The selected books will also represent a diverse array of publishers big and small, characters new and old, capes and no capes. We are in the midst of the largest creative boom in comics in decades, and there is some really great material out there if you know where to look. There is a lot more to the modern comic book industry than just Spider-Man and Batman. We want to help you find the great books you might not otherwise find on your own.  To this end, we will pay special attention to great books from smaller publishers, and books that might not otherwise be on the shelf at the LCS, or otherwise find their way into your regular purchases, etc.

I am new to comics, and don't even know where to begin. Just walking into the comic store is overwhelming, and there are so many titles I have never even heard of. Can you help?

YES! Blindbox is perfect for new readers just entering the hobby. We can help you to discover some of the most amazing books being published today - all from the comfort of your own home. Let us do all the legwork for you. Then, when you find a title you like, just add it to your list and pick up where we left off. Before you know it, you'll have a great list of amazing books to follow each month - with more new material on the way in each box!

I already have a pull list at my LCS (Local Comic Shop). How can Blindbox benefit me?

Great question! As mentioned above, we are going out of our way to find great new books, and gems that you might not already be aware of. Most months, at least 3 or 4 of the books in the box will be entirely new titles. And...even if you already have a subscription set up for all of your monthly favorites, you might be missing out on a lot of new books that might also be worthy of being on your list. If you can't make it to the LCS every week to browse the shelves for new content, or you don't have hours each month to pore over PREVIEWS, then this might be exactly what you are looking for to help round out your monthly reading.  We are also working with comic shop owners to launch an AFFILIATE PROGRAM, whereby Blindbox will be available for pickup at your local comics shop!  


The "blind variant" is the exclusive variant cover that is randomly included in each Blindbox Plus. Each variant is packed first in a "blind envelope", and then all of the variants are shuffled together and randomly inserted into each box. When you open your variant, it could be any of that month's exclusive variant covers.  We will also be randomly including autographed copies of the variants, as well as redemption certificates for CGC Signature Series copies of that month's variant, and other prizes, such as a full set of covers for the month!  Also, please note: Print runs for all variants will be disclosed on the website, as well as on the information sheet included in each month's box.


Blindbox Embossed Artist Series (or "BEAS" for short) is our signature Blindvariant offering.  Whenever possible, we like to work directly with artists to offer something unavailable anywhere else:  An exclusive variant edition which features original art from the cover artist!  In most cases, a BEAS release will include three different covers:  The final full color cover art, a partial sketch blank or b/w lineart version of the same cover, and then the Embossed Original Art cover - an extremely limited edition of books that have been sketched and signed by the artist, as well as hand-numbered with foil embossed logo stamp, and matching Certificate of Authenticity.  Simply put, this is the book that will make all of your friends jealous!  Now...who is going to be lucky enough to score these extremely exclusive original art covers in their next Blindbox...?